John Kelly addresses Robert E Lee an ethical man and says dearth of understanding caused the civil war

White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly addressed Robert E. Lee as an ethical man and said that paucity of ability to compromise led to the civil war. He once again energetically shoved himself into the public spotlight on an ardent levied issue.

The pronouncement made on the inception night of conservative media host Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News, emanated after Kelly was requested about the current settlement by a Virginia church to discard plaques that praised the Confederate general and George Washington.

Kelly told Ingraham that Robert E. Lee was an ethical man. He was an individual who complied his country to battle for his state which 150 years back was more vital than country. It was consistently fidelity to state first in that time zone. But these days it’s different. The deficiency of a capability to reach a settlement led to a civil war. The people of good conviction on both sides vocalized their stand where they listened to their conscience.

The observation arrived in the middle of an interview that involved a wide range of topics including allegation in the Mueller inspection, the United States’ association with China, and Kelly’s position as the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Considered as a might of order and regulation in the White House, the erst while Marine general befitted part of the dispute over the President’s appeal to Gold Star families this month when he justified Trump’s affirmation to a widow, made erroneous assertions about a Florida congresswoman who had censured the White House and said he would only answer questions from reporters who were aware of families who had lost soldiers abroad. Though Trump said he was not apologetic for anything.

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