HTC U11 Plus has been proclaimed: tiny bezels and massive battery refinement on an already exceptional phone

The HTC U11, one of the most revered phone of 2017 and now it has been refurbished and amplified as current U11 Plus model, lately proclaimed by HTC today. What is the major dissimilarity? The display is the most pronounced one progressing from 5.5 inches up to 6 inches, though HTC has narrowed the bezels to accommodate the novel phone into a corporeal mark that’s only moderately substantial. There is also an addition of extensive battery and the two alterations together have guided to precise changes of the design. But overall this gadget is totally as the name proposed: a U11 with abundant superior paraphernalia and a topping of Android 8 Oreo to alleviate the deal.

After expending some time with HTC U11 Plus, before it’s unveiling and was feeling persuaded by most what I observed but also a little discouraged. However, HTC will not be promoting this version in US as its intended market is around Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

The novel display size and 18:9 aspect ratios might cause you to think that it has the same features of those ill-fated LG display OLED panels but HTC is still utilizing the similar LCD technology as in the U11, but U11 Plus features are sharper and sparkling. The slender bezels cannot be compared to Samsung and LG’s extreme Galaxy S8 and V30 designs, but they unquestionably are the thinnest that HTC has produced for a very long time.

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