CDC: Heart disease termination reduces, overdose termination rises

The mid of 2017 witnessed the death rates due to heart disease, cancer and HIV all down equated to the similar period last year as per the report transmitted last year by CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. Inspite of these triumphs, the overall mortality rate has risen from the same time last year. This rise includes death rate due to drug overdoses.

Farida Ahmad, the report’s author and mortality surveillance lead at the center said that the rate due to overdose has risen rapidly from last year. She also said that heart disease and cancer is quiet the vital source of death. The universal death rate has pursued same tendency in the past. She also reiterated that even though heart disease and cancer are slowly reducing, the death rate is increasing. The other reasons may be contributed towards drug overdose, but it is not the only reason.

Two other reports have been published by the National Center for Health Statistics which explore infant mortality and aspects related to birth. These reports exhibit that teen pregnancies are gradually reducing. However the premature births have increased over the past few years. Lauren Rossen, report author and reproductive health surveillance lead at the National Center for Health Statistics said that premature birth is analogous with various unpropitious results for the child and the mother. The scaling of trend in that direction could be a matter of concern. Premature birth carries extensive likelihood for infant mortality.

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