Bill Gates contribute to battle against Alzheimer’s and it’s personal

Bill Gates contribute to battle against

Billionaire Bill Gates is individually expending $50 million to assist fund research to discover a therapy for Alzheimer’s disease, a kind of dementia Gates says has affected members of his own family. There is no remedy for Alzheimer’s which wrecks memory and other mental procedures so Gates says he is infusing his own money in the Dementia Discovery Fund, a private-public collaboration to 0065plore a solution.

The philanthropist wrote Monday on his blog that it’s an appalling illness that destroys both those who carry the illness and their near and dear ones. He further said that he knows a lot about this illness as men in his family have suffered from the same disease. It’s atrocious to observe people you love grapple as their illness dispossess them of their cerebral ability and one cannot simply do anything about it. It’s like observing a cautious death of a person that you knew.  Apart from the family history, Bill Gates has other reason to be so keenly interested in this affair. According to him his distinctive episode has revealed him of how disconsolate he feels when a loved one acquires this disease.

He told CNN that anything where his mind would degrade will be a disappointing moment for him. He hopes to live a healthier life without these complexities. Alzheimer’s, said to be the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, and affects more than 5 million Americans. Albeit medication and other remedies may lessen the severity of the symptoms, they do not moderate the continuance.

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