An Interstellar object sprinted through the solar system

The craggy object barged up in the telescopic images the night of October 19th. The Pan-STARRS1 telescope, from its roost on top of a Hawaiian volcano, photographed it during its night time exploration of objects in the vicinity of Earth like comets and asteroids. Rob Weryk, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, was premier in casting his eye on the object as he categorized through the telescope’s recent haul. The object was progressing swiftly across the night sky. Weryk contemplated that it could have been an archetypal asteroid, meandering along the Sun’s orbit.

He continued saying that it was only when he came back he discovered the night before that it became pronounced it was an altogether a different phenomenon and that it was a surprise to his eyes. Weryk and his associates clambered to obtain more telescope time to learn about these inexplicable and swift moving objects. They vociferated augmentation in the astronomy league.

Inceptive inspection recommended the space rock was a comet. When the novel data displayed the object was deficient in some vital properties of the comet. The came upon a conclusion for it to be an asteroid but its actions were not like an asteroid at all. When the scientists scrutinized and assessed the object’s variations, they were spell bounded. The object did not derive from our solar system. It was generated from somewhere else. It had traversed through interstellar space since a very long time.

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