Facebook will assist some users inspect if they observed Russian propaganda during the 2016 US presidential election

Facebook is trying to be attentive to the US users that they became a scapegoat to Russian propaganda in 2016 presidential election. In the succeeding weeks, the colossus plans to expend a new tool with which users can examine if they followed or “Liked” pages and accounts — on both Facebook and Instagram — Kremlin silently established over past two years till it was not able to generate social and political upheaval

Only those people can view the roughly 140 million users who may have observed Kremlin-backed content on Facebook and Instagram during the 2016 election can take lead of Facebook’s new portal, which will soon become part of the site’s Help Center. The reason for it is technical limitations.

Facebook said that the move comes at such a time as the tech giant tries to appease its detractors in Congress and further moving in the direction of secure our podium and people who utilize them for inferior actors who try to sabotage our democracy.

Over a time period of two years around 2016 elections Facebook reiterated that about 29 million U.S. users precisely saw appease in their News feeds produced by the Internet Research Agency, the Kremlin’s official troll army. Possibly more than 140 million — on Facebook and Instagram combined – might have performed a story constructed by doubtful Russian sources as a consequence of their friends communicating with that content. About 10 million users saw ads purchased by Kremlin agents around Election Day.

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