Anthony Scaramucci Threatens to Sue Tufts Student over Op-Ed in School Newspaper

Notwithstanding being deposed after ten days as a White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci endures to be a big fan of President Trump. He said that he still converses with the representatives of Trump’s inner circle frequently and anticipates being in the league of Trump reelection endeavor in some capacity.

He also reiterated that his relationship with the members is strong and he had been a part of the team for 18 months and so we all had varied roles. He is still pursuing his role and is a counselor and media surrogate to Trump whenever the need arises.

Presently Scaramucci is concentrating on his business merchandising but he is still mirroring his old boss. Just as Trump intimidated to entreat the New York Time after numerous women blamed him for sexual attack, the Mooch is intimidating judicial action against the newspaper that published some unfavorable observation about him. But while Trump impeached the “newspaper of record,” Scaramucci is aiming the student newspaper from his alma mater, Tufts University.

On November 6 Tufts graduate student Camilo A. Caballero wrote an op – ed in The Tufts Daily newspaper vociferating the university’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy to drop Scaramucci from its advisory board, which he’s served on since 2016.

Succeeding 240 students and administrators signing an online petition, vociferating Scaramucci’s eviction, the school declared that he had been requested to speak on campus. Caballero answered with a second op-ed, which alluded to Scaramucci’s “unethical behavior.”


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