Revealed documents showcases Trump plans perilously diminish, divide two national memorials

The Trump administration devises to disintegrate and fiercely minimize the expanse of two national monuments in Utah possibly transferring a victory to rural conservatives while also sponsoring a profusion of judicial provocations by the crusaders and Native American groups.

The program which will be declared with President Trump a stop off Salt Lake City, would observe both Bears Ears Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments segmented into various minute conserves according to the maps procured by the Wilderness Society.

Bears Ears presently a 1.3-million-acre monument in Utah’s San Juan County, would be divided into the Indian Creek National Monument and the Shash Jha National monument. Grand Staircase-Escalante, which presently stretches 1.8 million acres in Garfield and Kane counties in southern Utah, would be divided into three new federal lands: Escalante Canyon National Monument, Grand Staircase National Monument, and Kaiparowits National Monument.

The preferred cutback appended that the three monuments sculptured out of Grand Staircase-Escalante would be diminished by about 50% from its present size to less than one million acres. Bears Ears would be reduced by 85%, with two new obelisks substituting it adding up to just over 200,000 acres.

Procedures to divide the monuments were being contemplated albeit those plans could still alter prior to Trump arriving in Utah to produce a ceremonial declaration. When inquired about the maps and advanced alterations a mouthpiece for the interior department that administers national monuments and public lands said that they are shoving imprecise information.

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