Air pollution in the cities may have an adverse effect on the health of those who venture for long walks

Air pollution in the cities may have an adverse effect on the health

According to a new study led by scientists at Duke University and Imperial College London, air pollution on streets in mega cities can be the cause of removal of the benefits an exercise can impose on people aged 60 or above.

Transient subjection to traffic exhaust in built up locations like New York City’s Broadway or Chicago’s Michigan Avenue can annul the positive outcomes of a two hour walk which would have benefitted the heart and lungs of these people.

On the contrary those who walked in the park had a noteworthy health improvement in their lung capacity which endured as long as 24 hours compared to those who walked on a polluted street said the benefits were negligible. Fan Chung, professor of respiratory medicine and head of experimental studies medicine at Imperial College’s National Heart & Lung Institute said that according to the findings underline that we cannot stomach the levels of air pollution that we presently experience in our busy streets.

Worldwide outdoor air pollution justifies an approximate 4.5 million deaths a year. Air pollution exposure has been related to growth in hospital recognitions and deaths from cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and lung cancer. A key miscreant is a car as emanation from gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles are the primary factors of pollution such as nitrogen dioxide and particulates.

Chung said that majority of elderly people who have persistent illness the only exercise they can do is to walk. A study carried out shows that the result varies from country to country.

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