The material that constructed the modern world is also wrecking it

Conspicuously the material that constructed the premiere modern civilization prevails key to constructing today’s global economy. The cement we use in the present day and age does not vary from the concrete dome of the Roman Pantheon in 125 AD.

The big difference is that in today’s age the usage of grey powder in larger quantities: more than 4.2 trillion kg yearly. The way of looking at it is that you could construct 1,000 Hoover Dams every year with the aggregate of concrete that much cement would make.

However, 1 kg of cement discharges more than 0.5 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. Consequently, the cement industry is presently in charge of the 5% of global CO2 outpouring more than double the aviation industry.

But on the darker side, contrary to the electricity industry, which may one day encompass of totally clean renewable energy, the chemistry of standard cement dominates that the procedure will pursue to fabricate vast amounts of CO2.

Since 2008, Solidia Technologies, where DeCristofaro is chief technology officer, is developing a new cement-making procedure that makes up to 70% fewer CO2 discharge at a cost that DeCristofaro asserts is in tandem with or better than conventional cement.

Solidia which was found in a bid to commercialize ideas evolved at Rutgers University in New Jersey, is not a premiere company to make environmentally conciliatory cement. But the Industry specialists say that it is the most positive yet.

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