A distress in Trump country: Democrat Doug Jones beats Roy Moore in Alabama

Democrat Doug Jones has achieved victory in the Alabama Senate special election, a triumph that was the remarkable disturbance in a deeply red state that voted amazingly for President Trump. The President, who had supported Republican Roy Moore despite various assertions of sexual misconduct and assault, congratulated Jones on Twitter.

The triumph of Jones predicted by The Associated Press two hours succeeding the poll shut down on Tuesday night. It will definitely leave the citizens shocked in Washington. The remarkable election to substitute Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who left the Senate in February, was upended in November as many women marched towards Moore vociferating that he had pursued them romantically as teenagers when he was in his 30s. Some said that he had sexually attacked him involving one woman who said that she was sexually harmed her when she was in her teens.

The unleashing of dispute mad what could have been a harmless GOP race; it’s the premiere Democratic Senate victory in the state in 25 years and provides Republican an even narrower margin 51-49 senate majority that could endanger GOP legislative priorities in 2018.

Jones said in his victory speech that Alabama has been at intersection in the past and regrettably always the wrong road has been taken. But this election you have chosen the right path. NBA celebrity Charles Barkley cam home to his native Alabama to campaign for Jones in the shutting days and told CNN after the Democrat’s victory that there are group of rednecks and ignorant people. Now we have some stunning people here who rose up to the occasion.