North Korean Government Sends Delegation of Athletes to the 2018 Winter Olympics Games in South Korea

Unification Ministry of South Korea stated after the first high-level discussion with North Korea in more than two years that North Korea will be sending a delegation of athletes and officials to the Winter Olympic Games next month in South Korea.


Chun Hae-sung, the Deputy Unification Minister, who was a member of South Korean team at summit in Panmunjom’s border town, informed that Kim Jong Un, the government of North Korean leader has accepted the request by South Korea asking North to send a delegation of officials and athletes to games opening on 9th February in PyeongChang.

Unification minister of South Korea, Cho Myoung Gyon referenced the major protests leading to the dismissal of Park Geun-hye, the former South Korean president, before the meeting in opening remarks. Cho said in a statement that, “We have experienced power of the people and we have [an] understanding that the inter-Korean relations should be headed to establish reconciliation and peace.”

Environment for the winter games will be made much better because of recent heavy snow and frigid weather, says Cho permitting them to assist the process. Cho added that, “We have high expectations that the Olympics turn out to be a peace festival with special guests from the North.”

Chun Hae-Sung said while speaking afterwards with journalists that, “The North side proposed dispatching a high-level delegation, National Olympic Committee delegation, athletes, supporters, art performers, observers, a taekwondo demonstration team and journalists.”