Winfrey to be a contender for the Presidential election

The television star Oprah Winfrey has catapulted into becoming a political contender and who could be a better option than her. Her speeches about Hope and American unity on the national television spurred o become a celebrity overnight.  Ignore the things people are still clutching to as interpreting campaigns all the customary directives for the method of triumphing elections. She is definitely a superstar and the response can resemble the similar uninhabited obsession The Rock embarked when he proffered running for president as be one of the Baywatch movie marketing tour. She is an African American woman who had a miserable childhood consisting of low economic background and mishandled and became a self-made billionaire with an in depth comprehension of how to converse with Americans of all races, genders and geography.


Her display at Washington’s National Museum of African American History and Culture is already immense than Obama’s. David Axelrod, who helped turn Obama’s 2004 convention keynote into a real campaign said that there is no considerable contrast to Donald Trump than Oprah Winfrey. Mike Murphy, who said he felt déjà vu watching Sunday night’s speech, back from the days when he helped Arnold Schwarzenegger become the governor of California said that he is not sure that if she is running or not but the beats were done impeccably.

The world requires a fantasy at present or at least democrats do and no one fits the bill like Winfrey. She is a representative of American women who have incessantly watched her show in the afternoons sharing the problems and listening to them, who still perform Weight Watchers commercials, because even at this stature in life she is yet speaking to the same women she is scuffled apace with for years.