Microsoft is rolling out New Updates to the Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that it is rolling out next updates to the Xbox One that will include enhanced Achievement details and the ability to enjoy your games, movies, etc.

According to the company’s post, all Xbox Insiders will get the benefit of this new update for a testing period over the coming weeks because this update essentially focuses on performance achievement and how players communicate across consoles.


The upcoming addition includes a new “Do Not Disturb Mode” which allows you to “suppress notifications.” If you are playing a game or watching a movie on Xbox, you can mute notifications and other distractions. Microsoft is adding an online status so that you can notify your friends that you aren’t available to hang out and they will see you’re in do not disturb mode and they will not disturb you with party chat invites or messages.

The company is rolling out another addition called “Next Achievements” feature to this technology that gives a neat list of upcoming achievements.

Alongside the new mode, another upcoming feature that Microsoft is adding to Xbox One dashboard is the Mini Game Hubs option. You can access information from a game more quickly or see who’s playing the game using this feature.

Microsoft is also adding some customization options which will give you the ability to put your themes on a schedule. If you are a fan of the Xbox One dashboard’s white theme, you’ll soon be able to switch the console between light and dark themes based on the time of day.