Medical Marijuana Administrative Rules Approved by State Health Council

Medical marijuana administrative rules have been signed off by the State Health Council of North Dakota among the uncertainty of whether the government might eliminate the marijuana operations.


Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the United States rescinded an administration of Obama last week, promising that the federal authorities would not going to crack down on the major marijuana operations wherever they were legal in the states as long as the tight regulations are maintained there.

However, the effect of the determination is still unknown and the Health Department of North Dakota will mold ahead with beginning the medical marijuana program endorsed by voters and taken in to the law by the Legislature of 2017, according to Jason Wahl, who is an interim director at the medical marijuana division of the Health Department.

Jason Wahl said in a statement that, “We’ll continue to monitor information from the federal government, and attempt to provide updates to the public. With a satisfactory vote there, the department anticipates having an open application period for manufacturing facilities. The health department is still looking at usable marijuana for qualifying patients in that October, November, December time frame.”

The department of health has been actively working to create the operation since the administration Gov. Doug Burgum approved the regulations of medical marijuana last April, which crafted in November 2016 by the lawmakers by the approval of voters for the drug.

State health officer, Mylynn Tufte said that, “An open application period for dispensaries is several months away, but the department wants to provide prospective dispensary applicants sufficient time to determine which region or regions they’d like to apply in.”