Most popular foods are hiding their scary secrets

Most popular foods have been hiding their terrifying secrets, according to the issues raised in ‘Rotten’, the new documentary series by Netflix.

people who are able to catch sunlight sustenance alone can go further and binge happily on ‘The Crown’, but the rest of others may have an alerting knowledge accompanied with the regards to few of the things that people probably eat almost every day.


‘Rotten’ is actually intended to light up an ‘intersection between food and crime’, while each of the episodes whirls an alerting story behind the scene that involves a specific ingredient.

Investigative reporter of the series and agricultural reporter of Politico, Christine Haughney said in a statement that, “I want the viewers to start asking questions of manufacturers and grocers. Where does the fish come from? Where does the honey come from? If they start asking more questions, they have the right to get more answers.”

Haughney said that what is delivered in the honey bottles is actually not the healthy honey in many cases. Massively industrialized trends on the global scale now often produce honey, like much more of the popular food these days. This can take people to attempt frauds.

Applying more stress on this industry is the truth that people are consuming more sweet stuffs than ever before. Haughney added that, “Not only do we have honey in our tea, we have honey in our bread and cereal and cookies, because it’s considered the safer and cleaner sweetener. But at the same time bee populations are declining and we’re not producing as much honey as before.”