Women Have Unique Symptoms of Heart Attack

Women have unique symptoms of heart attack, besides of a common thought that heart disease is a leading problem in men. The recent research says that heart disease is the most common reason of death of both men as well as women in the United States.

The major problem is that women may develop some types of heart disease with unique symptoms as compared to that in men. Luckily, women can now step forward to understand these different symptoms of heart disease and also prevent risks for the same.


Various type of pain, discomfort or pressure in the chest has become the most common symptom of heart attack, while it can’t always be found as severe or the most eminent symptom of the disease in case women. According to the research, heart attack can also be triggered in women without any kind of chest pain.

Director Brenda Vitali from the communications for American Heart Association, Maine reports that 90 per cent women can develop heart disease with one or more risk factors. In past more than 30 years, more women have died of heart disease every year than men, while the survival rates gap has also been widening continuously.

Vitali stated that, “There is good news. About 80 percent of cardiovascular diseases may be prevented. Women should also know that risk factors for heart disease include smoking, diabetes, and obesity, especially their waist circumference. The goal of Wear Red Day is to remind women to take care of their hearts and spread the word to other women.”