Vitamin D3 Restores Cardiovascular Damage Besides of Just Treating Osteoporosis

Vitamin D3 restores cardiovascular damage, besides of being commonly known for curing osteoporosis, according to the latest research.

A bit more sun rays could help restoring the cardiovascular system damages triggered by diseases including hypertension, diabetes and high blood pressure, says a recent study disclosed in the International Journal of Nanomedicine.

Dr. Tadeusz Malinski, a Distinguished and Marvin & Ann Dilley White Chair Professor with Hazem Dawoud and Alamzeb Khan, graduate students from the Ohio University, led the study.


In previous clinical researches, the team came to know that several patients gone through a heart attack had a lack of vitamin D3. Malinski informed that this doesn’t mean that the inadequacy had triggered heart attack, rather it had raise the risks to suffer a heart attack.

For the same, researchers have designed a novel systems and method of measurements with the help of nanosensors, which sized nearly 1,000 times smaller than a human hair in diameter. These techniques track the vitaminD3 impacts on each of the endothelial cell, a crucial regulatory component for the cardiovascular system.

Malinski said that, “Generally, Vitamin D3 is associated with the bones. However, in recent years, in clinical settings, people recognize that many patients who have a heart attack will have a deficiency of D3. It doesn’t mean that the deficiency caused the heart attack, but it increased the risk of heart attack. This is a very inexpensive solution to repair the cardiovascular system. We don’t have to develop a new drug. We already have it.”