Breast cancer treatment increase heart disease risks

Breast cancer treatment increase heart disease risks according to a new study. Breast cancer patients are a growing risk of cardiovascular diseases encompassing heart failure adding advantage from a treatment approach that contemplates the interest of certain therapies against prospective damage to heart according to a new scientific statement from the American Heart Association.


The statement is an outline of what is presently known about risk elements customary to both heart disease and breast cancer, the probable heart damage for few breast cancer treatments and recommended procedure to halt or minimize the damage. Breast cancer survivors especially aged women over the age of 65, are more prone to die from cardiovascular disease than breast cancer, emphasizing the significance of potently overseeing heart disease risk components during and succeeding cancer treatment.

Laxmi Mehta, M.D., chair of the writing group for the new scientific statement and the director of the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Program and an associate professor of medicine at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, said that any patient who is going through breast cancer treatment irrespective of their having the heart disease at the inception or not should be conscious of the probable effects of their remedies on their heart. This should not scare the patient from taking treatment for breast cancer but should be in a consistent communication with their doctor about the kind of treatment being given to them. She further said that during the treatment the patient should not only concentrate on their breast health but also normal health involving the heart.