Ozone Layer isn’t recovering Over the World’s Major Locations, Scientists Warned

Ozone layer isn’t recovering, says the latest warning by geoscientist. The Earth safety cover, ozone layer that protects it from massive ultraviolet radiation of the sun has been observed with no progressing recovery, according to warning released on Tuesday.

The major depletion in the ozone layer appeared over Antarctica, while the hole was noticed to be steadily closing since when the Montreal protocol banned the problematic chemicals. However, the ozone layer swathes the whole Earth, the latest study reveals that the layer is getting thinned over the non-polar areas in the lower stratosphere.


Diminishing Earth’s protection against UV rays causing cancer has been considered with a great concern for the equator, where the much stronger sunlight is observed with people in billion number residing.

The reason behind the ozone’s fall on lower latitude is still not discovered, while researchers have a doubtful thought that a changing atmospheric circulation hit by climate change and a chemical found in paint stripper may have caused the depletion.

Prof Joanna Haigh, international research team member and Co-Director at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment of Imperial College London said in a statement that, “The study is in lower to mid-latitudes, where the sunshine is more intense, so that is not a good signal for skin cancer. It is a worry. Although the Montreal protocol has done what we wanted it to do in the upper stratosphere, there are other things going on that we don’t understand.”