OxyContin maker Purdue ceases advancing opioids in wake of epidemic

OxyContin maker Purdue ceases advancing opioids in wake of epidemic as Purdue Pharma the company known for promoting declared that they would cease marketing opioid drugs to doctors. This move emanates from a series of state and municipal legal actions that condemn the company for bestowing to the opioid epidemic.


Purdue has encountered censure over a period of ten to fifteen years that it has belligerently and negligently propelled the sale of its drug OxyContin. The company reiterated that it would slash its sales force further than 50 percent with roughly 200 people abiding in the department. Purdue said that it has revamped and remarkably depreciated the commercial activity and will not be henceforth merchandising opioids to prescribers.

The company intends to run all questions about its excessively commercial drug OxyContin, which American Addiction Centers said has a viable potential or addiction and succeeding withdrawal manifestation through its medical affairs department.

Dr. Andrew Kolodny, the co-director of Opioid Policy Research at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management said that he hoped that the company had determined to halt marketing the drug eons back and that the rest of opioid manufacturers would be privy to do the same.

Kolodny said that the issue we have is doctors over designating opioids and it’s strenuous to encourage more careful for advising if manufacturers are dispatching drugs representatives to doctor’s offices and advertising in medical journals and financing millions to prescribe more.