Safeguarding heart regarding negative emotions

Safeguarding heart regarding negative emotions as being discovered by a possibly serious situation like heart disease could place anybody in the negative mood. However, the mind body connection could give way to negative existence of mind, encountering depression, anxiety, loneliness, anger, hostility or chronic stress may lead to expanding the risk of heart disease over a period of time.


A study conducted discovered that people who experienced depression have a scanty  social support and experience increased risk of developing heart disease over a 13-year period. However, another study also discovered that loneliness raises the risk of heart disease and stroke by 29 and 32 percent, respectively, over time. Donald Edmondson, director of the Center for Behavioral Cardiovascular Health at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City said that if people have already experienced a heart attack these conditions aggravate towards having another heart attack.

While research has only commenced to unravel the intricate bond between what’s playing between our hearts and minds, there seems to be a diverse apparatus through which negative emotions can harm the heart. They are likely to include an amalgamation of biological differences, health patterns and psychosocial components say Dr. Beth Cohen, an associate professor of medicine at the University of California–San Francisco. There may be a dose response where more harmful submission to negative emotions or more acute expression of rise in the heart disease risks.

As far as health habits of people who are depressed angry, anxious or chronically stressed out may neglect in taking care of themselves.