Federal Advisory Committee Recommends FluMist for Next Flu Season

Federal advisory committee recommends FluMist, the single needleless option for flu vaccine available in the medicine industry.

Since the last two years of flu seasons, the federal Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices was not voting the nasal spray version of the flu vaccines as they didn’t find to be working progress against swine flu, which is a type of flu that made most of the people at that time sickened.

But, now advisors at the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have once again recommended on Monday that the nasal spray FluMist, which is an another version for the influenza vaccine, to be regulated as a better option during the next flu season in winter of 2018-19 year.


Dr. Edward Belongia, one of the panel members from the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation base in Wisconsin said in a statement that, “This is not an easy decision. It’s always a challenge to make a decision with incomplete data.”

The company that produces nasal spray FluMist, AstraZeneca informed that problematic issue of the vaccine has now been recognized and corrected. However, the members of the federal panel have noted that there yet not has observed a potent evidence that the FluMist can help fight against the bug of swine flu.

Professor Dr. Henry Bernstein from the Cohen Children’s Medical Center, New York stated that, “I have real mixed emotions about this because I think we want to protect as many people as we can, particularly, as a pediatrician, for children.”