Here’re Some Biggest Changes in Android P

Here’re some biggest changes in Android P.  Google has unveiled the Android P developer preview on Wednesday. The new version is still very much a work in progress but Google has released some details on the features and improvements.


Google isn’t releasing the new version into its public Android beta channel but it giving give app developers and Android enthusiasts a chance to try it out.

The Android P developer preview is now currently available so you can download all the necessary bits to work with the new features but it only runs on a handful of Google phones.

The new features will enable developers to create interesting new apps for modern Android devices. The major feature additions include a huge number of small tweaks and API changes for developers.

Interestingly, Google is offering native support for screen cutouts and notches that so many smartphone manufacturers are trying to imitate. Devices like iPhone X, Essential Phone and Asus ZenFone 5 are already sporting notches. Google reported this new addition as “display cutout support,” and it enables developers to work with the notch for testing the working of their app on Android phone.

The clock has moved from the right to the left side of the status bar. Google will also bring changes to the messaging notifications with rich content like smart replies and image previews. Google is adding new colorful icons to the right of sections like Display, Network, Battery, and more.

Google will announce other new features and confirm the final name for Android P over the course of the beta period.