Discontinuing Facebook Decreases Stress Levels in a Few Days

Discontinuing Facebook decreases stress levels despite the protected personal data, according to the latest research, while the previous study conducted by research team at the University of Queensland in Australia shown that quitting Facebook may lead to people being so unsatisfied with the life.

Study has been disclosed in the Journal of Social Psychology by the Queensland researchers, which followed 138 users on Facebook, from the half of which continued with Facebook and other half users quitted it for five days. The team collected and examined the saliva samples of both of the groups in order to specify the cortisol levels, which is also called as the stress hormone.


Leading researcher of the study from the University of Queensland, Eric Vanman said in a given statement saying that, “Taking a Facebook break for just five days reduced a person’s level of the stress hormone cortisol. While participants in our study showed an improvement in physiological stress by giving up Facebook, they also reported lower feelings of well-being. People said they felt more unsatisfied with their life, and were looking forward to resuming their Facebook activity.”

Later in a few days, the researchers observed a fall in the cortisol levels in the people who discontinued with Facebook. Yet, the findings can’t be surely considered as the evidences supporting the benefits of quitting the social media, because of the smaller number of samples followed by the researchers.

Vanman added to the statement that, “People experienced less well-being after those five days without Facebook – they felt less content with their lives – from the resulting social disconnection of being cut-off from their Facebook friends. We don’t think that this is necessarily unique to Facebook, as people’s stress levels will probably reduce anytime they take a break from their favorite social media platforms.”