Preconception High Blood Pressure May Lead Serious Health Issues Including Miscarriage

Preconception high blood pressure may lead serious health issues such as heart disease, dementia, stroke or even miscarriage in case of young healthy women who suffered a condition of lost pregnancies, indicates the latest research calling it one of the deadly killer of the United Kingdom.

According to the study led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a massive number of people in America could be suffering from a higher risk of major health problems, work in potentially loud environments. However, the health agency reports that it is an unavoidable truth of the modern world that a number of harsh noises everyday coming from din of cars, construction, trains and events and hit on the millions of ears.


Leading researcher and epidemiology head at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Enrique F. Schisterman stated that, “This study shows that maintaining normal levels of blood pressure isn’t only important for cardiovascular health, but it may also be important for reproductive health. This is the first time we’ve evaluated the effects of blood pressure early on.”

Moreover, the study released in the journal Hypertension by the American Heart Association on Monday, was specifically focused on the changes in blood pressure during preconception in young women who already have went through a miscarriage with no high blood pressure history.

“The study was well-designed and adds another important piece to the puzzle of pregnancy loss”, said assistant professor, Dr. Monique V. Chireau from Duke University School of Medicine. “Pregnancy loss is devastating to a woman in any situation. This should get people’s attention in a positive way so women will recognize that being young and feeling fine doesn’t mean they’re not at risk for a miscarriage.”