Care Quality Commission Warns Major Health Centers Providing Poor Safety Standards

Care Quality Commission warns major health centers providing poor safety standards, in England. The health officials have recently found a few private hospitals being failed to appropriately follow the surgical standard outlined for protecting the people from unhealthy issues.

Claiming that ‘the majority of independent acute hospitals are providing high-quality care for their patients’, the Care Quality Commission has yet examined and rated more than 200 private acute hospitals in the areas of England.


Jonathan Ashworth, Labor shadow health secretary said in a statement that, “For too long private sector treatment has remained unaccountable and opaque. This cannot be allowed to continue, and the government must ensure private hospitals operate with greater transparency. We still have no accurate picture of how well cancer patients are treated in the private sector, for example.”

The health inspectors have also warned about the need of effectual inspection of the consultants joined with the hospitals, adding more concern about the people still unemployed by the health centers. However, the centers even failed to follow the surgical standard regulated by the World Health Organization.

“The recent Ian Paterson case demonstrated that there is no room for complacency, and further actions should be taken to minimize harm to patients in both the NHS and private sector”, said Professor Derek Alderson rom the Royal College of Surgeons. “We must continue to promote a culture, in all types of healthcare, where patient safety concerns are not brushed aside.”