Vegetarian Diet Carries Similar Weight Loss Benefits Like Mediterranean Diet Does

Vegetarian diet carries similar weight loss benefits like Mediterranean diet does, which is admired by the most of people as a healthier diet inspired by the eating trends of the residents of Spain, Southern Italy and Greece. But according to the new study, it has been analyzed that the vegetarian dietary habits are not very much lesser effective in providing health benefits in a few conditions such as weight loss and heart health.

The new findings suggest that a vegetarian diet is too better in decreasing LDLs levels i.e. bad cholesterol that leads to develop heart attack or stroke, while the Mediterranean diet is little bit more beneficial than the vegetarian plan, as it can help more in the fatty acid levels reduction.


Dr Francesco Sofi said in a statement that, “The take-home message is that a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet is easy and feasible to follow, without any health problems, if well conducted and prepared by an instructed nutritionist. This helps you to reduce some cardiovascular risk factors as well as a Mediterranean diet. The effects of both diets had on participants’ cardiovascular health and found that both were equally effective in different ways.”

Researchers followed more than hundred people to conduct the study which has been recently disclosed by the Circulation journal. Dr Francesco Sofi is the leading author of the study, which concluded that “both diets were as effective in reducing body weight, fat mass and body mass index, with the average participant losing 1.88 kg on the vegetarian diet and another 1.77 kg on the Mediterranean diet.”