Mental Health Awareness with Practical and Behavioral Approaches

Mental health awareness with practical and behavioral approaches encourages management of the mental illness. Mental illness is an enduring problem nationwide and it’s growing. One in five American adults experiences mental illness, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


An analysis has found that 18% adults in the U.S. are suffering from anxiety disorders, while depression is the leading cause of worldwide disability. 2013 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey reported in 2016 that one in six American adults takes a psychiatric drug including antidepressants or sedatives.

Though, access to mental health medications proliferates, some patients are finding non-pharmaceutical advances for the management of mental health either with or without supplemental medication.

Mental health professionals refer to these practices and focus on some factors in a patient’s life, like relationship strength, diet, and lifestyle changes.

Medication takes a greater perspective in treating a patient so it just can be a part of the practical part according to John Stiteler, the owner of Total Health Guidance in Orlandos.

Stiteler said that we often find four big Ds with which people dealing—debt, depression, divorce, and diabetes.  The approaches offer therapies like acupuncture and detox massage, as well as services like nutritional advice, relapse prevention, and counseling.

“Lifestyle plays a big role in maintaining and restoring mental health. I would say the key lifestyle choices that affect health are diet, movement, and sleep. Each is equally impactful on the body and mind,” suggests Covyn Montemayor is an acupuncturist at Total Health Guidance in Orlando who practices East Asian medicine with a focus on mindfulness.

“I highly encourage my clients to speak with a counselor who can objectively speak into their relationships, situations, and lives.”