Exercising Regularly Evolves our Happiness Index

Exercising regularly evolves our happiness index as even a minute form of exercise can make us feel on the cloud nine. As per the latest research regarding positive mood and physical activity, people who exercise once in a week or for 10 minutes a day have a happier disposition than who never exercise and any kind of exercise may be of assistance.

The concept that stirring can influence our moods is not novel. It is acknowledged by many people that they feel reinvigorated and relaxed after a jog or visiting the gym. Former studies have elaborated the fact that physically energetic people do not acquire mental diseases like depression or anxiety compared to people who do not move.

However, the research zeroed in on correlation between exercise and psychological issues like depression and anxiety. Not many former studies considered connections between physical activity and optimistic emotions particularly in people who were by now psychologically healthy, and those studies concentrated on single age group or kind of exercise.


Unaccompanied they do not reveal much about the amounts or kinds of exercises that may help in alleviating our mood or if many of us would anticipate finding greater happiness with systematic exercise or only specific team of people.

So, the new team of researchers at the University of Michigan determined to gather and research numerous former studies of exercising and gaiety. A study was carried out on 500,000 people ranging from adolescents to the aged, and involving a wide range of ethnic and socio economic groups. And for most of them, the Michigan researchers found, exercise was strongly linked to happiness.