California May Require Solar Panel Installations On Every New Home

California may require solar panel installations on every new home, making it the first state in the U.S.—and possibly the first government in the world to have such kind of mandate.


The California Energy Commission will vote on a plan Wednesday called as California’s new energy mandate which will require solar panels to be built virtually into every new home, condos, and apartment buildings from 2020 onward.

It looks like homeowners would see big savings on their energy bills, but also hole in their pocketbooks. One of the Energy Commission’s five voting members, Andrew McAllister said, “It’s very clear that solar will be cost-effective.”

Structures built in the shade and offsets will not be the part of this mandate, while they will be equipped with batteries like the Tesla Powerwall for other energy-saving measures.

It would save consumers $80 a month on cooling, lighting, and heating bills, according to experts’ estimations. But at the same time, the proposal would also make housing more expensive. Officials say the move would do better than California’s long-held goal of creating  “zero-net-energy.”

“We do not minimize the cost of housing in the state — everyone recognizes that’s an issue,” McAllister said.  “Their cash-flow position will be improved with the addition of solar. It won’t make it worse.” “If you think about the context of 10 or 12 years ago, things were a lot different,” he added.

“We would prefer that the standards be held out another three to six years,” said California Building Industry Association’s senior engineer, Bob Raymer.