Samsung, Apple faced California district courtroom

Samsung, Apple faced California district courtroom on Monday to resume a patent violation dispute that dates to 2011. The latest issue is about determining the financial damages Samsung owes Apple for violation on design patents covering the original iPhone.


The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the near $400 million judgement that Apple had won over allegations that Samsung copied iPhone-designed features used in its own phones. Determining the outcome won’t be easy for the jury, McKenna says.

It was determined that Samsung violate on three of Apple’s iPhone design patents covering a rectangular front face with rounded edges and a grid of colorful icons on a black screen.

The legal fight now will turn on what is referred to as the “article of manufacture” and merely design features within the phone that relate to the infringed patents. The Supreme Court noted the article of manufacturer is “broad enough to embrace both a product sold to a consumer and a component of that product, whether sold separately or not.”

Samsung has been arguing for smaller penalties directly related to the value of features impacted by the patents. Samsung’s lawyer, Kathleen Sullivan, told the justices. “A smartphone is smart because it contains hundreds of thousands of the technologies that make it work.”

The jury selected Monday and opening arguments to follow Monday or Tuesday. Neither Apple CEO Tim Cook nor the company’s design chief Jony Ive is expected to testify.