Dylan Roof Does Not Regret What He Did, His Handwritten Notes Declare

dylan-roof-does-not-regret-what-he-did-his-handwritten-notes-declareIt sounds a bit bizarre but true that some people never regret on their decision. Though Dylan Roof has been sentenced but still he does not feel guilty what all he did. His letters bring this to the light which he has written just before attack. This attack targeted a Charleston church. There are chances to get death sentence.

According to the sources, he wrote many letters from which many have been discovered. In this attack, nine parishioners were killed. To get more about this case, they also searched his cells. The handwritten note was brought into the light by the federal prosecutors in which it clearly shows that he has no guilt over his work.

They do not fear even if he will get sentenced. In this letter, he also mentioned that he has lost all respect. Though, he also added that it was a different experience but he completely agreed what he did. Moreover, it is worth what he did. According to him, he did all what he can do.

When he was interrogated about it, he said that he wants to clear everything about it that he does not regret what he did. He did all this since he think it was required and holds worth. He is not that kind of individual who wishes to regret what he did. According to the prosecutor, the case will be finished later taking help of other family members. Investigation is going on.

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