California Facing One Of The Strongest Storms In Years With Many Dead

A big Pacific storm is hitting over the southern California, and this state is facing the strongest storm in more than 12 years, which means this is the most powerful storm in a decade. The situation is getting worse and worse day by day because it is generating high water, sinkholes, uprooted trees, floods, mudslides, and much more. The storm also claimed more than five person, and many are injured and scattered due to heavy rain.

According to the National Weather Service, there are still no mercies from the rain as expected, instead, it says there will be more rain and storm will occur earlier this week. There are many regions fallen under the flood warning regions, whereas many places have already faced flood and NWS officials are still warning for more to come, “so we are becoming ready and active,” a statement by the authorities from the Californian government.

National Weather Service also confirmed about the storm which is active, and the winds are very powerful with a whipped speed of 70 mph in some areas, while in other it is below 60 mph. As mentioned, the storm will hit the southern part of the Californian state in the next week, but there is also a big chance it will strike at the beginning of the new week is the day of Monday.

In January 1995, the last known strongest storm hit the parts of southern California, but the present situation is worse than that, and the present one could be stronger than the one in the ’90s.

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