NASA Avoids A Collision Between Its Mars-Orbiting Spacecraft With One Of The Mar’s Moon Phobos

NASA had a close call, when its Mars-orbiting spacecraft just avoid a collision with Mars dark moon known as Phobos, by changing its course in time.

nasa-had-a-close-call-when-its-mars-orbiting-spacecraft-just-avoid-a-collision-with-mars-dark-moon-known-as-phobos-by-changing-its-course-in-timeNASA’s Mars-orbiting spacecraft MAVEN (Mars Atmospheric & Volatile Evolution) is surpassing around Mars’ orbit for more than two years now, with a mission to monitor the red planet’s present atmosphere, which will be not possible for a probe down on Mars. Thus, news came from a last week’s incident, precisely on Feb. 28, according to earth’s time; the spacecraft was on the path of Mars’ moon Phobos, but using the craft’s rockets, it changes its trajectory before it came too close to the dark moon and collided with it.

NASA’s officials came up with the news and said it’s now stable to go on the current path, but there were other colliding chances there on Earth’s March 6, which was being noticed a week before, which gave them time to move the craft from Phobos’ way. At present, the craft is just 2.5 minutes away from each other without colliding.

This is the first time when a spacecraft is moved from its orbit for the first time, due to a potential collide with the Phobos.

As known to human, there are two moons on Mars’ orbit, and Phobos is one of them, while the other with smaller sized is Deimos. These two moons are darker in the shade, and Phobos is the darker than Deimos, thus being least reflective objects, caused the near collision with one of the moon.

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