‘Beauty and the Beast’ director informs the ‘gay moment’ controversy should see an end

beauty-and-the-beast-director-informs-the-gay-moment-controversy-should-see-an-endLuke Evans will be starring as Gaston and Josh Gad will be LeFou in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” live-action adaptation of the animated classic of the studio. This will be a great time as it hits theaters on Thursday and is speculated to have the controversial character of LeFou to be put to rest.

Disney Studios postponed On Tuesday the film’s release in Malaysia. This is because of the conservative government of the country that insisted on editing out scenes that showed homosexual overtones and then approved the movie to be released for theater audiences.

Bill Condon, the Director has stirred up controversy about the movies U.S. release and has done this to draw attention to gay moment between Josh Gad and Gaston playing as LeFou and Luke Evans. Now, he is unable to believe it has become a beastly situation. The Director said it was a little smile great moment at the film’s Lincoln Center premier.

Condon thinks people seeing the 26-year-old cartoon version of “Beauty and the Beast” should know that LeFou was crazy about Gaston.

“Beauty and the Beast” Ewan McGregor, the cast member went on Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show” to defend LeFou on Monday night. He said he’s a gay character and it is 2017.

Emma Watson plays Belle the Beauty in this film and says that this “gay moment” is overstated. She says that this relationship here is subtle and honestly it is nothing to be digging into.

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