The Students Of A University In The United States Have Created A Prosthetic Hand Using A 3D Printer

the-students-of-a-university-in-the-united-states-have-created-a-prosthetic-hand-using-a-3d-printerNo one could ever think that wonders could happen even with a normal 3D printer. Students from some universities have teamed up together and designed a prosthetic hand that is fully functional and can be the future of prosthetics designing and manufacture industry in the world. These prosthetics can be sold at a ground price of just $20-$30 which is a surprise for many prosthetic arms and legs making industries.

This is one of the most ingenious thought of the century as this will be able to help even the poor people to have their hands and legs back at very low rates. Although a lot of research works need to be done on this as to whether this can actually act as a prosthetic arm of a human being who has lost it.

This is a hope for people in despair and the students who have bought in this idea in the market are more than willing that this invention of theirs can help out people in need. Sources said that every possible expense for this particular invention will be borne by the people who are willing to use this. Nevertheless the companies that are already into the business of making prosthetics seem to be unaware of this new invention that has taken place in the US.

It will be good to see how this 3D designed hand can compete with the world class prosthetics that have changed the lives of thousands of people who have lost their limbs for various reasons.

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