Air pollution deaths may escalate owing to climate change

air-pollution-deaths-may-escalate-owing-to-climate-changeNew research forecasts that air pollution has worsened by climate change and it will cost tens of thousands of lives if requisite changes are not made.

The study, estimates that if the existing trends continue, undoubtedly climate change will be responsible for more 60,000 air pollution-related deaths in the year 2030. By 2100, that number may escalate to 260,000.

Previous research has found nearly 5.5 million people worldwide dying prematurely due to air pollution.

The authors say this climate change will affect health owing to the exacerbating air pollution. The research incorporates various results from several parts of the world’s top climate change modelling groups in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan and New Zealand.

Hotter temperatures “can speed the reaction rate of air pollutants forming in the atmosphere,” said Jason West, lead study author and environmental sciences and engineering in the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, told CBS News. The study calculates that climate change is expected to increase globally the air pollution-related deaths and in all regions but for Africa.

“Air pollution affects heart attacks, stroke, cardiopulmonary disease, and lung cancer,” he said. Thus, there will be a big effect on health.”

“Reducing greenhouse gas emissions may show real benefit for air pollution and also for human health,” West said.

Apart from increasing air pollution deaths, the climate change is also anticipated to have a growing impact on people’s health due to the rising rates of heat stress, thereby the wider spread of infectious diseases, and it will have reduced access to clean water and food

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