Microsoft is releasing the Duke’s version

Microsoft is releasing the Duke’s version which will be compatible with the Xbox One console and Windows 10 devices. The Duke controller is shaped and designed like the first Xbox controller, and it will arrive at the end of March for $69.99.

Like its 2001 predecessor, the controller comes with an OLED screen that displays the Xbox boot-up video everytime you touch it.

It’s unclear if game developers will be able to use the screen for other things as Microsoft has not revealed more details.


The man behind the project, Seamus Blackley said that when the controller was originally released in Japan, it got some nasty feedback due to its repulsive size.  It does look a bit more manageable than its predecessor.

He noted, “The controller was the size of most kids’ bedrooms in Japan! I saw this petition of Japanese game developers who said we had to make a smaller controller. When ‘Controller S’ got approved, I thought – I figured it was to mock me because they thought it would fail,” said Seamus.

Users will find two tiny shoulder buttons above the controller’s triggers. The additions that will support the bumpers added to the Xbox’s controller. They can connect the controller via a standard USB cable and it doesn’t have a memory card slot.

At another side, the controller comes with some subtractions that make the Duke a little bit different than original Xbox controller from Microsoft.