The Longest cavern discovered in Mexico by underwater archaeologists

The longest cavern discovered in Mexico.  Underwater archaeologists in Mexico have discovered world’s largest known flooded cave that is a system of two of the largest cavern and connected by the Great Maya Aquifer.


The Great Maya Aquifer (GAM) spent years exploring the caves of Sac Actun and Dos Ojos in Tulum and they found a connection between two underwater caves in the Yucatan peninsula. The largest cave absorbs the smallest when two cave systems are connected, According to the rules of caving. So the Sac Actun System now takes the title of the largest cave in the world.

The explorers’ discovery represents the most important submerged archaeological site in the world. Along with the site, several unknown plant and animal species were also found here.

Stretching 347 kilometers (215 miles), the long underground cave is a stunning web of underwater grottoes.

The next phase of the San Actun project is to explore and learn about the ancient Maya culture and their caves such as analyzing the water quality of the new cave, continuing to map out the submerged maze of caverns under Tulum, and studying the biodiversity.

Robert Schmittner, exploration director of the project said, “This is an effort of more than 20 years, to travel hundreds of kilometers of caves submerged in Quintana Roo mainly, of which I dedicated 14 years to explore this monstrous Sac Actun System; now everyone’s job is to keep it.”

Team’s next goal of the San Actun project is to connect Sac Actun with the other three underwater cave systems, which are located in Tulum

The new goal of the team is to connect Sac Actun with the other three underwater cave systems, which are very close to each other, located in the municipality of Tulum.