Kennedy answers Trump calling America fractured country

Kennedy answers Trump calling America fractured country as he strongly condemned President Donald Trump and his administration, providing his party’s answer to the State of the Union with a speech that became an accumulated cry around important issues that constitutes his party’s coalition.


Kennedy, who spoke in front of a Mustang on a car lift in the autoshop at Diman Regional Technical School in Fall River, Massachusetts, hurled the Democratic Party as the party that assists coal miners, single moms, rural and urban communities, the coast or the heartland.

He said the Democrats are offering the answer tonight that is they choose both and fight for both as the most robust; most affluent, most considerable nation in the world cannot walk alone. Kennedy who arises from the most eminent families, in American politics, mentioned assisting immigrants, pointing those pretended by the void that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program at one point taking to them in Spanish.

He incidentally, referred to Trump as a bully, during his answer. The Massachusetts Democrat said that bullies may get a knock. They might generate a mark but they have never on any occasion in the history of United States superintended to equal the power and inner being of a people unified in defense of their future.

He also fettered the upheaval of the past year to Trump’s administration elucidating the voices of the citizens of a broken and fractured country could be heard who also feel lost and forgotten.