Searching and Booking Hotels and Flights through Google is Now Very Easy

Searching and booking hotels and flights through Google search results on your phone is now very easy. Finding hotels or flights with Google is already easy, but now Google announced that it has added new update today which provides an even more efficient way. It has changed has changed the way its hotel and flight search works so searching and booking hotels and flights through Google is now really easy.


Users will find photos of hotels when searching through search results, and they can swipe through those photos without having to leave the list of results. They can also use date and price filtering through the results page. Users can book the room from Google Search.

Google said that users can do all these things from a single page which has multiple tabs. For example, if you search for a specific city, the search results will provide you tabs for Explore, Flights, Hotels, and Your Trips. Then if you tap on the flight tab, you can select your dates for travel and follow the same process for hotels.

In addition, there will a new “More Destinations” tab that will offer you suggestions on nearby trips for that original destination.

It seems like Google wants to make things more convenient as more and more people are using their smartphones for planning and booking for travel, rather than spending time on the computer at home. This is the reason it’s producing such a simple and better way for people.