Amazon Offers Whole Foods Deliveries in Four Cities through Prime Now High-Speed Service

Amazon offers Whole Foods deliveries, announcing the first significant consolidation of its possession of Whole Foods Market Inc. and its major e-commerce operations.

This is the biggest stratagem yet to be assimilating the giant organic grocer in to the e-commerce empire of Seattle retail. Whole Foods groceries will be delivered by Amazon in four cities for now for faster service.


Amazon Prime Now, the one to two hour delivery service has been launched on Wednesday to supply deliveries of number of items taken from shelves of Whole Foods stores in Dallas, Austin, Virginia Beach and Cincinnati. Prime members can order for one to two hour deliveries, as the two-hour delivery will be offered free, however one-hour delivery will be charged with $7.99 for the orders of more than $35.

Prime Now delivery service will include the goods of Whole Foods market such as bakery, meat and seafood, everyday staples, alcohol, organic and fresh produce, dairy and floral, according to the statement given by the VP of Amazon Prime Now, Stephenie Landry  in a press release.

Landry said in a statement that, “This is where we’re starting. We’re going to be expanding. This is a super important space for fast delivery. We might not have every last item that could be available in your local store but we’re going to have the vast majority of them. They will pick the items, put them in appropriate packaging to maintain the chill chain and pack them.”