Global Warming Expedites Rising Sea Level, Latest Satellite Report

Global warming expedites rising sea level, says a latest satellite report released Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences on Monday.

Thawing ice layers of Antarctica and Greenland are accelerating the already swifter paces of rising levels of sea. the satellite report also predicts that the rising sea levels over the world on average, if continued with the current rate, would be more than 2 feet (i.e. 61 centimeters) extended by the century’s end.

Leading author of the published study, Steve Nerem from the University of Colorado told that it is a very big deal, as the forecasted rise in the global sea levels is the conventional estimation, which is more likely to be extending. Other researchers reported that even a bit changes in levels of world’s oceans may lead to erosion and flooding.


Nerem said in a statement that, “Two feet of sea level rise by the end of the century would have big effects on places like Miami and New Orleans, but I don’t still view that as catastrophic because those cities can survive — at great expense — that amount of rising seas under normal situations.”

Researchers from the American Geophysical Union meeting held last year reported that Antarctica may be thawing swifter than the prediction released in the Monday’s published paper.

Editor of the study, Anny Cazenave, Earth science director from the International Space Science Institute, France, who is one of the space-based sea-rise research pioneers said that, “Sea level rise, more than temperature, is a better gauge of climate change in action.”