LG Introduces New AI Technologies for its 2018 Smartphone Lineup

LG introduces new AI technologies for its 2018 smartphone lineup, starting with a new version of the V30. The company on Tuesday announced the first of a suite of AI technologies for its most advanced flagship V30 model at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


LG introduces new AI technologies for its 2018 smartphone lineup called “Vision AI” and “Voice AI.” It announced that its updated V30 smartphone will have AI-powered camera features.

The first technology named Vision AI features image recognition and includes automatic image analysis for shooting mode recommendations. It can also automatically recognize objects and give shopping suggestions. Vision AI can suggest you where to purchase an item for the lowest price, perform an image search, scan a QR code, and recommend similar products.

As it recommends the best shooting mode, it takes into consideration the angle of view, reflections, saturation levels, color, and backlighting. LG says that the AI tech measures the brightness of the actual image and offers better low-light performance.

The second tech is Voice AI that will allow users control their camera with voice commands. It has nine new voice commands for Google Assistant. These include shooting modes such as food photos, QR code scanning, food photos, and shopping search.

According to rumors, LG reportedly will reveal its new Vision AI and Voice AI technologies in its new updated version of the V30. LG says this new model will be called the LG V30s and the device will have more built-in storage than the standard V30.