Japan Team Builds an Electronic Skin that Monitors Health

Japan team builds an electronic skin that monitors health conditions by displaying the message.  Scientists have developed an ultra-thin patch that fits snugly on the skin and can display and monitor health.

Japan-team-builds-an-electronic skin

The patch is made from flexible, breathable material, and can show the vital signs of the body recorded by an integrated sensor. This integrated biomedical sensor system called “skin electronics” combines a wireless communication module and an LED display. This system has the ability to transmit biometric data to the cloud.

Japan team builds an electronic skin that can monitor important health data as well as send and receive messages, with emojis and it is just one millimeter thick.

The ultra-thin patch features a micro-LED array display simple, animated imagery, such as an electrocardiogram waveform. The device can transmit the data wirelessly to a smartphone. The sensor can display electrocardiogram waveforms on the screen in real time, or send to the cloud for storage.

The researchers believe that the device can ease the strain on home healthcare systems through continuous health monitoring and self-care at home. The skin display has a micro LEDs array of 16×24 and stretchable wiring attached to a rubber sheet.

“With this, even in home-care settings, you can achieve seamless sharing of medical data with your home doctors, who then would be able to communicate back to their patients,” Someya said. “Because this device can stretch, we now can paste a display on things with complex shapes, like skin,” Someya added.

The device will be introduced at the American Association’s annual meeting for the Advancement of Science in Texas.