Apple launched highly predicted software update

Apple launched highly predicted software update for the iPhone. The update of iOS 11.3 lets you monitor your iPhone battery and stop Apple from slowing it down.


Apple also promises to give visibility into your own health. It also provides health of handset battery. You can update is for free, by tapping Setting/General/Software Update on the device.

Among all the coming features, this health of handset battery. Apple said that the new models such as iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X models avoids an unexpected shutdown.

If your phone battery is in reduced state, you’ll get a message to that effect. It will give a note that performance has been applied to prevent this from happening again.

You can “Disable” the notification. But once you disabled, you can’t manually turn this power management function back on unless the phone were to subsequently crash again. It would automatically re-enable the feature.

The iOS 11.3 software helps you to tackle the various medical-records through the Health app. It will let you easily view all of your relevant medical records in the iPhone. You can either search for a medical provider by hospital name, network or location after tapping Get Started.

The improved Health app will automatically look for updated medical records on a weekly basis. Hence you will get notifications when new data arrives. And the most important thing is that notifications won’t reveal any private data as your records would not stored on Apple’s server.