Russian hacker attacked Dropbox, LinkedIn

Russian hacker attacked Dropbox, LinkedIn hence he hands over to United States to face charges. This is the reason Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin appears in United States court in California Thursday for hearing.


There are three companies which are hacked by Nikulin. Dropbox is a service allowing people to share files, LinkedIn is a social network for business connections, and Formspring is perhaps best remembered as one of the social media platforms.

It is not clear until whether Nikulin has any connection to the Russian troll farm the Internet Research Agency. American authorities blamed the agency. After Nikulin’s arrest, American official publicly warned that the Russian government was trying to control the election by hacking and releasing private information.

“Computer hacking is direct threat to the security and privacy of Americans,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. Nikulin is accused of breaking security of many American companies using stolen identities and gaining access to the personal information of millions of Americans.

This is very annoying behavior once again come out from Russia. Nikulin was charged in October 2016 and taken into custody almost immediately by Czech authorities.

But the Russian government also tried to make him free from charges. House Speaker Paul Ryan raised the issue with Czech officials last month. Nikulin was sent to the United States days later.

All the three companies are based in California including Dropbox, LinkedIn and Formspring which are hacked by Nikulin.