Exercise, Physical Fitness Bring Cardiovascular Benefits

Exercise, physical fitness bring cardiovascular benefits and potentially reduce risk of heart diseases that even belong to a genetic history. The new study supports the as long standing as a few decades of studies suggesting that being physical active and fit is a better way to keep heart disorders at bay along with the more benefits such as healthy and appropriate body weight, reduced inflammation and low blood pressure level.

In addition to the previously known advantages of physical exercise, the new findings disclosed online by the American Heart Association via its Circulation journal on April 9, have shown that fitness also aids those people, who are having a genetic pre-disposition to heart disease. the study researchers have claimed this after analyzing the Biobank database of the half millions of people from the UK.


Cardiovascular medicine professor, Erik Ingelsson, MD from the Stanford University School of Medicine said that, “People should not just give up on exercise because they have a high genetic risk for heart disease. And vice versa: Even if you have a low genetic risk, you should still get exercise. It all ties back to what we have known all along: It’s a mix of genes and environment that influence health.”

While exercising, the body pumps more oxygen and blood which boosts heart health in different sorts. The regular workout regimen decreases the triglycerides and boosts HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), which helps improve the entire blood lipids with the fatty acids and cholesterol.

“In addition, it improves metabolism, reduces body fat and inflammation, and improves immune function — all of which can contribute to heart disease”, said Carol Ewing Garber from the Teachers College, Columbia University.