Fortnite controlling teen’s brain

Fortnite controlling teen’s brain. The players are including school students more. They are becoming addictive as a result an enormous distraction for educators.


Maker Epic Games is aware of the problems. The company added a warning to the game’s loading screen asking students not to play during class. The game’s only played by young people

Fortnite started as a cooperative game where players team together to fend off a zombie apocalypse sparked by a world-ending storm.

In September, Cary, N.C.-based Epic launched Fortnite Battle Royale. It is free-to-play version featuring the popular game style battle royale, which essentially puts a contest like The Hunger Games into a video game.

everyone is talking about it, and playing it every time. Hence the result children are becoming more addictive.

As it is exciting and there is a lot of strategy, hence children love it. Fortnite reveals itself to be playful, even lovely. Avatars resemble cartoon characters. Cars are rendered in exaggerated form, like a Hot Wheels set. Players can dress up in pink bunny suits, ride rockets, and bash buildings to bits swinging a rainbow-colored battle ax shaped like a unicorn’s head.

“Compared to other games the graphics are obviously better”, When someone’s shooting at you, you can see the bullets whiz by. Other games don’t do that.”